Snail mail Sunday

Happy mail, I just can't get enough! I received some lovely mail from Saar, Mary & Fab. Let's take a look, shall we? :)

from Saar
Saar came up with this friendship booklet, where we fill in two pages and send them back and forth. I think in a couple of months it's going to look so cool!

from Mary
I just love little booklets like these! They are so thoughtful and detailed. Thank you Mary!

from Fab
Will you look at that envelope? Damn, I wish I was that good at decorating/calligraphy.

Have a lovely (hopefully lazy ;-) ) Sunday & I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Oh, I really like that idea of a booklet you send back and forth! Your pen pals are so creative. ^-^

  2. Anoniem7.9.14

    wat een prachtige snailmail! Erg leuk :-)

  3. Ziet er echt leuk uit allemaal :-)

  4. Anoniem8.9.14

    I love those packages! I feel like I suck at snail mailing! I need to up my game! :D

  5. Wauw wat heb je een toffe snailmail gekregen! Wat een feest lijkt me dat om dit op je deurmat te vinden! <3

    Liefs Rosie

  6. Oh die envelop met die "please deliver to" zo schoon!

  7. Ahhh every single one of those are so gorgeous! I wish sending packages to different countries didn't cost so much money because I'd love to get more creative with my snail mail!

    x Erin

  8. Anoniem9.9.14

    Yay, so glad that you liked my letter!


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