Keep calm and put on a facemask

Face masks are the best. Whenever I put on a face mask I'm just in instant chillax mode. When I found this 5-in-1 package at Kruidvat I couldn't resist the urge to pop it in my cart. And there I went, onto discovering a whole new world of awesome masks! All masks made by Montagne Jeunesse are BUAV approved and veg(etarian) soc(iety) approved. Which means their products are vegetarian & not tested on animals. I tested out these masks over the last couple of weeks and thought it would be fun to do another beauty-related post (like I did here). Hope you enjoy!

The first mask I decided to try out was Strawberry Soufflé. It's supposed to be a moisturizing & purifying masque and I have to admit, it does its job pretty well! The package promises: 'Loaded with strawberry goodness which leaves skin hydrated & refreshed. Allow your skin to breathe with soothing aloe vera & calming vanilla for purified, toned, smoother skin.'

Altough I did not enjoy the smell of this masque at all, the consistency is really nice. The masque has little scrub particles in it as well, and after I've rinsed the masque off my face feels super soft, moisturized and pure. Yay!

A week later I was in need of a face treatment again. This time I went for the Pawpaw Peel Off mask, which promises to give a phenomenal pore blast. This is a purifying boost for tired skin! 'Picked from the tropics of South America the Pawpaw aka Papaya (known as fruit of Angels) and Noni Fruit naturally help protect. This duo works harmoniously, revealing clean sensational skin, sent from the Heavens...'

I like peel off masks in general because they always tend to have a calming effect on my skin. This one's no different! After applying I chilled for a good 20 minutes and then peeled off (the most fun part, right!) Also, this mask smells delicious, I almost wanted to eat it. It did start to tingle a little bit once I applied the mask, but that quickly went away, and wasn't an uncomfortable feeling whatsoever. After taking it off, my skin feels really soft and calm (and smells super fruity)!

Next one to go on my face about a week later was Very Berry, which looked like a great mask to relax and hydrate your skin. Since I've been sick almost all August, I thought this would be a nice one to pamper myself with. The package says: 'Bursting with the juice of pressed Blueberries and crushed Cranberries our fruity beauty is packed wit antioxidants. Nourishing Peach Kernel oil and soothing Aloe will leave your skin refreshed & cleansed.'

This one tingled a lot, mostly on my T-zone. It smells amazingly fresh. I read a little while chilling on the couch for some 15 minutes, then rinsed it off and oh boy ...

Number four on my face is Dragon Fruit Sauna. I just got back from holiday, my face was feeling awfully dry, so I could really use a good hydration and cleansing. It says: 'For a flaming good clean, ablaze with freshly crushed Dragon Fruit from the depths of Central America and pulped Kiwi Fruit, this warming wonder reaches into pores removing trapped oil and dirt. A fiery feast for smooth, clean skin.'

Oh my god, I wanted to eat this off my face so bad. It smells SO good. When I applied the mask, it immediately starting heating up which made me relax pretty much instantaneously. The only downside to this mask is the fact that you have to lay completely horizontally, otherwise it will slide off your face. (But is that really a downside? I don't think so!). Afterwards my skin feels clean and soft like a baby butt. But it smells a thousand times better. Definite re-buy!

The last one left in the package is called Peel Off Passion. That feeling of accomplishment when you can take off the whole peel in one try is so amazing. The package says: 'Pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry and Vitamin E are anti-oxidants that help protect skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-off!'

The smell of this one is strong. And it's not really a nice smell, to be honest. It smells very fake fragranced. However, thes sensation on my skin felt nice. After about half an hour, it was completely dry and I could almost peel it off in one try. Afterwards, my skin felt clean and definitely purified.

Overall, I would definitely rebuy Dragon Fruit Sauna, Very Berry and Pawpaw Peel Off. Yay for these masks by Montagne Jeunesse!

 *I wish this was sent to me (cause I really like these products) but I bought them myself at my local Kruidvat store. You can also buy these products online via the website of Montagne Jeunesse.


  1. Maskertjes zijn zooo fijn <3 haha wat een toffe GIF op't einde! Ik ga ze ook eens uitproberen. Heb ook al gemerkt dat bij goedkoper maskers de geur vaak heel erg gemaakt ruikt :(

  2. Goh, leuke gezichtsmaskertjes en niet getest op dieren :-)

  3. Dragon fruit sauna is mijn favoriet! Ik denk echt dat ik ze ook allemaal al heb geprobeerd, hahaa :D

  4. Deze maskers ken ik :P en ze ruiken inderdaad heerlijk
    dat je ze wel kunt opeten! Ik heb eentje met mango, een
    peeloff ook c: Xx

  5. hihi, keigrappig, dat laatste filmpje! Ik hou ook van maskers :) vooral de peel-off versies..

  6. Heerlijk! Vooral die foto's waar je de maskers op hebt, sommige hebben zo'n felle en mooie kleur. Ik ben echt een kluns met die dingen. Ofwel hangt mijn haar helemaal onder ofwel mijn kleren. De dragon fruit wil ik ook wel eens uitproberen.


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