PROJECT 365 #16

Another week, another update on my project 365! Almost caught up with showing you my photos!

Another mask, this one is a peel off and those are my favorites. I just love the feels.

Fotoshoot with the lovely Charlotte!

Visited Retro Station, a gigantic place where they sell and you can rent vintage and retro items, like old toys, but also fair attractions. So cool!

Had a little splurge at our local library. The three 'Amoras' comics are from my dads and that series.. Can't wait for the next part to come out.

A letter to the Philippines.

137.365 & 138.365
A birthdaygirl with a hangover and an extremely cute boyfriend. & Being sick allows wearing a fluffy onesie all day.

See 138.365

Have a great weekend!
p.s. I'm on a flight to Morocco right now for a well deserved holiday together with the bf. I'll be back next week. Don't worry, I have a few posts planned in for you, so nothing will change here - except that I won't be responding until Saturday next week. Talk to you soon!


  1. You're getting so far with this project, congratulations! Hope you have a lovely time in Morocco!

  2. Peel off maskertjes zijn demax! Veel plezier op je reisje :D

  3. Fijne fotootjes! Ik hoop dat je een super vakantie hebt samen met je vriendje :). Liefs!

  4. Anoniem8.9.14

    Je bent echt mooi! I love your eyes :)
    Peel of masks are also my favorite kind!

  5. Leuke update! Je onesie ziet er zo fluffy uit! It's so fluffy ... je weet wel


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