Summer Bucket list: update #1

High time to check up on the Summer bucket list I made over a month ago. I haven't achieved as much as I would've liked, so on to a more productive month!

1. drink 2l water a day
2. buy flowers for myself
3. shoot a roll of film
4. make an outfit for myself
5. do a refashion
6. make a granny square
7. learn to play the guitar
8. attend a flea market with all my old clothing
9. visit (another) flea/handmade/design market
10. print my project 365 from last year and put the photos in a book

11. pass my resits!
12. go on a picnic
13. go roller blading
14. go on a little road trip
15. do a 3-day detox
16. get my nose pierced
17. get a tattoo
18. bake something sweet
19. revamp the blog
20. participate in a 5k-run!
21. return every borrowed item to its rightful owner

1. I've been sick pretty much all August. First I had a bladder infection, which wouldn't heal. After that I got a cold and really bad throat pain, so I drank a loooot of water and tea this month. Let's hope I can keep this one up without having to get sick all the time now.

5. Yup! You can read all about my upcycled volkswagen shorts here.

9. Last weekend, on my sister's birthday, we visited the Antwerp Vintage Market. The atmosphere was great, but I didn't buy anything unfortunately. I did find some cool shirts and jackets, but they were a bit too expensive to take with me. Hooray for sales at Think Twice ;-)

12. I had a lovely picnic with my awesome fab friends. We even had some slugs joining the party.

18. Hosted a diner party during the Fifa World Cup where I made a salad, quiches and some chocolate muffins. Yummie! Really made me realize that I should bake more often.

19. And you can still admire the results ;-) I'm still very happy with the way things are looking here, it looks so clean and organized, yay!

Tonight's my final shift at the post office. Can't wait to get out a bit more and leave for holiday together with the bf in exactly a week. Hope you're doing well! Talk to you soon!


  1. Goeie progress! Die eerste foto is echt zo voor in een boekje, zalige kleuren. En die slakken doen mij denken aan die scene uit Harry Potter waar Ron slakken overgeeft... :p

  2. Die slakken zijn echt grappig. Had ook graag naar Antwerp Vintage Market geweest, maar ben er niet geraakt. Keep healthy !!

  3. Leeeeuk! Ik heb ook al vaak op het punt gestaan om bloemen te kopen voor mezelf, maar het is er nog nooit van gekomen.

  4. Ik vind het echt een leuk lijstje!
    Maar ik vind het echt niet leuk dat je de hele maand zo ziek geweest, wat ontzettend vervelend zeg!
    Ah, bijna op vakantie, wat heerlijk! Veel plezier met de voorpret voor het reizen :) dat vind ik in ieder geval altijd al erg leuk!

  5. Anoniem31.8.14

    OMG snail attack, hahaha ! I love vintage shopping :)
    leuke foto's!!

  6. hé die eerste foto is ongeloofelijk gezellig :-)
    - en véél beterschap!


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