PROJECT 365 #15

Hiya there! I'm still here. Things have been hectic last week, due to deadlines for my resits (made it, ah yeah!) & work. Another week (well, actually two weeks..) has passed so here I am with another update on my Project 365. Quite pleased with these batch of pictures, if I may say so myself. Hope you enjoy!

The two men of my life.

Time for a strawberry mask!

I like the way our ceiling looks at night, casting all these shadows of rays of light peeking through the windows. Unfortunately, my iPhone camera doesn't agree.

Preparing a package for Katrina in the Philippines.

Diner at a friends place. She cooked the most delicious veggie lasagna with grilled eggplant. Yummie.

The boy treated me on this new flavour of ice cream McDo sells. I'm not a big fan of McDo, but McFlurry always does the trick.

Visited an oldtimerrally, had a blast and came across this vintage shop that sold the cutest things.

Can you believe this lady is already 17? She is still so unbelievably cute.

That's that! Check back here in a few days to get a purrsome update ;-) Take care & talk to you soon!


  1. Zo tof dat je dit zo kunt bijhouden :) Altijd een van m'n favoriete posts!

  2. Leuke lieve foto's allemaal c: Ik kom alleen nog naar de Mcdonalds voor
    de Mcflurries :c Xx

  3. Mooie foto's <3 Vooral die van de 2 mannen :D

  4. Diene macflurrie is ZO erg lekkurrrr! :D (Leuke fotos en oh aardbeienmasker! Zalig :D)

  5. Die met dat masker op je gezicht is zo tof! En zo goed dat je het vol houdt!


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