Snail mail Sunday

This past week my mailbox has been a happy one! Let's take a look, shall we? :)

from Marlou
Marlou took me by surprise by sending me this gorgeous owly mail right before she left for Norway! A letter is on its way to you right now! (So Marlou, don't read on or you'll spoil the surprise for yourself) :)

from Courtney
I'm on this amazing postal forum (, check it out if you want some inspiration, are looking for new penpals or are simply looking for some fun swaps!) and participated in a washi sample swap. Here's what I received from Courtney. Don't these samples look almost too cute to use? Thanks Courtney!

from Dawn
Dawn was my partner for the washi sample swap and because she liked the envelope I sent her so much she replied with some more washi tapes. This was awesome!! Such a happy find in my mailbox :)

to Dawn
Here's what I sent Dawn for the swap! (Take a look at that sassy guinea pig with a hat on in the left corner as well, hahaha!)

to Melanie
Melanie spoiled me with some amazing owly goodies a while back so I finally took the time to send her some stuff I thought she might liked :)

to Marlou
This one's on its way to Norway! Marlou had mentioned a couple times before that she loves my embroidery on paper so I made her a sweet little girl with a motivational quote to keep dreaming. I also included a magnetic dog bookmark (the little bone with a bow is just too cute) and of course a letter to tell her about my life this holiday.

That's all for this week! Today was such horrible weather, I hope it'll be better next week because I'm in need of some sunshine! Take care & I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Anoniem11.8.14

    Echt Leuk!!!
    Snail mail is just one of the best things ever!

  2. Wat heb je weer mooie post gekregen, je hebt volgens mij ontzettend veel uiltjes of niet? En wat een leuke post heb je gemaakt, die tekst op de kaart voor Marlou is echt prachtig! Wat doe je dat toch mooi.

  3. Ik vind jouw snail mail-posts altijd superleuk om te zien!

  4. Jouw post is altijd zo mooi om naar te kijken he

  5. Hihi, hier word ik instant vrolijk van!
    (en die cavia met hoed is ├╝berschattig)

  6. Hiiii!
    I found your blog by coincidence and I loved it. Keep with the great work.
    By the way, I am a snail mailer and I've a blog as well. I'm updating my blog and I'm trying to spread the word because I don't have many foreign readers and I would love to. So, check it out: if you want to.
    Have a wonderful day *

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