Phew, only 26 more days and 2013 is officially over. But hey, let us make a promise to enjoy every second in December?! But first, let me update you on what I did during November.

In November, I...

» went to a halloween party, dressed up as a Mexican sugar skull. My friend dressed up as a bloody nurse. Joke was on us, though. We were the only ones dressed up. But boy, did we have fun ;)

» made lots of cat pics - but won't bore you with every single one of them (oh and I had to include this old photo from Pixel, he just looks too darn cute! )
(photo on the right made by Sophie Bell)

» had a few drinks with lovely friends & a yummy diner with my old school crew

» worked for school like a crazy person. Deadlines are coming closer really fast. Thank god most of the assignments are really awesome, that makes it a bit more bearable. :)

» went to the Dawanda Design Market together with my suske (= sister), Lieke & Eline. We had a blast! I'll write a blogpost about it soon!

» had sushi for the very first time! Mmmmh...

» dyed my hair dark red again! And yay, I'm loving this color! Such a warm, deep red. Ideal for autumn & winter weather.

» enjoyed nice autumn walks

» decorated our bedroom some more

How was your November? See you soon!


  1. Wow jullie slaapkamer muur is echt heel mooi! Pff, die zou ik ook wel willen :)
    En jees wat zie je er afschuwelijk uit op die Halloween foto's, (afschuwelijk=mooi) ik zou me rot schrikken als ik jou tegen zou komen. Ik ben benieuwd naar de DaWanda markt, als het nog eens is wil ik zeker gaan.

  2. o uw muur is mooi!! Ik herken iets;-)

  3. Ik zit altijd achter met mijn maand update oeps ^^ik heb gelukkig mijn doelen bereikt, eentje weliswaar in december ipv november maar het telt hé :) super creepy uw halloween outfit

  4. Zo'n mooie foto's! Die Design Market zag er leuk uit.

  5. Je muur is fantastisch!
    En ik vind je haarkleur echt heel goed bij je staan :). Inderdaad, mooie diepe kleur voor deze tijd van het jaar!


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