Snail mail Sunday

It's been over a month since I showed you my incoming & outgoing mail, so here's another post for all you snailmailfreaks out there ;)

to Saar:
A letter to dear Saar with a customized autumn leaf, a little 'congrats on buying a house'-card and a postcard that says: 'I'm happy that you're in my collection.' I decorated the envelope with a 'Have a nice day'-sticker and wished the same to the mailman. I'm pleased I did that, because apparently the envelope was inadequatly franked. But Saar still received the parcel, without having to pay anything. Thank you, kind mailman! :)

to Mary:
I wrote a 3-page letter to Mary and made a little booklet to put everything in. I also included my favorite autumn tea, some washi tape and decorative flowers. (And a pretty leaf bookmark I recycled from a pretty box). I'm really looking forward to Mary's reply, because she got a puppy named Miko and he's incredibly cute!

from Fab:
Another letter all the way from Italy. Even though Fab didn't use any fancy stationary, I think it looks so cute with the washi tape and the dried leafs. She sent me a flowery notebook as well. (Which is almost too pretty to use!)

from Saar:
Saar made an envelope of a Ixinabrochure, which is a company that makes & sells kitchens (& they are looking for a kitchen to put in their new home!). Clever move, Saar! I adore that blue owl brooch by the way, did you make it yourself?

That's it for today! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
P.S. A huge thank you to all readers out there! Last week I discovered I now passed 400 followers on Bloglovin' and 440 followers on GFC. Wheeew, it's unbelievable! Thank you for sticking around! :)


  1. Ik ben nog nooit zo vrolijk geworden van andermans post ;-).

  2. Anoniem8.12.13

    Leuke dingetjes heb je gestuurd en ook ontvangen !

  3. Anoniem8.12.13

    Wat een prachtige dingen allemaal! Ik wou dat ik meer tijd had om te knutselen en te fröbelen en vooral om meer te schrijven!

  4. Wohaaa 400 volgers. Wat veel :) En wat heb je een leuke post ontvangen én gemaakt!

  5. Ontzettend leuke brieven!
    Er staat een winactie online op mijn blog, doe je mee?

  6. Prachtige post weer, zeg! En het uiltjes-broche, zo schattig :)

  7. amai weer super leuke post! Heerlijk om te zien.

  8. Jaa, leuk leuk! Ik word ook helemaal blij van mijn snailmail post, ben blij dat ik een oproepje geplaatst heb :D

  9. You send a lot wow.. I never ever write letters! ^^

  10. Sure I made it myself. *cough*

  11. Ziet er weer super tof uit hoor! Jij maakt altijd leuke dingen. :D

  12. Wat wordt je hier vrolijk van! Ik wou dat ik zo creatief was. Gelukkig vind ik dat ik mijn spullen al prima kan opleuken met wat stempels en leg ik voor mijzelf de lat niet zo hoog. haha. Keep up the good work.


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