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Eind januari kreeg ik een stokje (ook wel tag genoemd) toegeworpen van mijn lieve penpal Fab (die trouwens een awesome snailmailblog heeft!). Ik vind tags altijd heel leuk om bij anderen te lezen, maar bij mij duurt het vaak zo lang tot ik een antwoord weet op sommige vragen.. Ik liet het een paar maandjes bezinken, maar ben er nu wel klaar voor! Het is een Engelse tag, en ik heb niet de moeite gedaan om 'm te vertalen, maar ik denk dat jullie allemaal wel een mondje anglais klappen ;-)

//English In January I got tagged by Fab (her snailmailblog is awesome, go check it out!) to do the Self-Care tag. I love reading tags at other blog, but am really not that good at answering the questions. That's why I waited a couple of months so I could really describe what I mean accurately. And here ya go!

1. What piece of advice would you give a child about to grow up with the pressures of today’s media and its crushing expectations?
Just be yourself. Even if right now, you don't 'fit in', it will definitely pay off later in life. Be true to yourself.

2. What song puts you in a good mood every time?
Show Me Love by Robyn S. is my absolute favorite party song. I have to admit it's kind of a guilty pleasure. But oh boy, every time I hear that song I feel pumped (and I sing-a-long horribly).

3. What is the best advice someone gave you or you realized about life?
Be the best version of yourself. I think I read it in a book or somewhere online, but it's so true. I know I have my flaws, and some of them are very hard to change, so I try to embrace my imperfections and just be the best me I can be.

4. Who makes you giggle like a giggle monster?
My dad. Somehow, whenever my sister or me are mad or annoyed, he always finds a way to make us laugh again. And I do not only say that because it's his birthday next week, but because I feel like sometimes he doesn't get as much credit as he deserves. Love you dad   I hope you have a wonderful day filled with laughter, joy and love!

5. What is something about society that bugs you that you wish didn’t?
Society pointing a finger at a certain scapegoat and then burying its head in the sand. I don't feel the need to explain all this, because I think most of you will perfectly understand what I mean, and I don't want to make my blog a political one. ;-)

illustration made by Fabrizia

6. What is one of your favorite things to do on the weekends?
Definitely chilling out, cuddling with the cats and being able to walk around in my onesie the entire day. But in Summer I also love thrifting at thrift markets and chilling out with friends at a park with a cocktail. Generally, weekends for me define periods of time where I can relax and don't need to worry  about catching a train, making it to a deadline, etc.

7. What is something you’re really proud of that you’ve done?
It may sound cheesy, but I'm really proud of this blog and everything that comes with it. Lately, I had the opportunity to meet and work with so many new and interesting people, that I really feel blessed that I get to do all that. I'm also really proud of the fact that I finally (after almost six years of stating that I wanted to live in another country for a brief period of time) made the jump and am currently doing an internship in the Philippines.

8. What is one of your favorite memories with a friend?
This was a hard one to pick out. I have loads of fun with my sister and every time I think about this one memory from last Summer, it makes me giggle out loud. We came from a festival and when we got in the car to drive home, we heard a very weird noise in the car. We really didn't care all that much because our dear YNA (that's the name of our car) is an oldie (but goldie) and from time to time she can be a pain in the a**. But after a while it began to bug us, so we stopped at the side of the road. Apparently, my sister's rainboots were being stuck between the door of the car. I think I've never laughed so loud in my entire life. (After this incident, her rain boots have never fully recovered, hah!)

9. What advice would you give to someone who needs a boost in confidence?
Believe in yourself. If you want to achieve something, go for it. Even though nobody supports you or says that you can't do it, prove them wrong & show 'em that you can. You can do whatever you want in life, babe!

10. Lastly, how do you plan on investing in self-love?
Get to know yourself. Travel alone, go out for dinner, meditate, read a book, take tapdance lessons if you will. Get to know the real you and learn to appreciate yourself. Don't try to be(come) someone you're not, but be the best version you can possibly be of yourself.

I tag Sanne, JaseyJade, MaryMarlou. Oh and if you want to answer these questions as well, I'd love to read it! :-)

Talk to you soon!


  1. Ah, echt heel leuk om te lezen Elisse!
    Het is fijn om je zo weer op een andere manier te leren kennen. Mooie antwoorden. Tof lijstje!
    En al helemaal tof dat je het stokje aan me doorgeeft, leuk! Ik ga 'm zeker invullen :)
    Maar ik denk ook dat ik even over de antwoorden moet nadenken ;).
    Liefs! En van harte met je vader!

    1. Ben benieuwd wanneer ie bij jou online komt Sanne, tof dat je de tag gaat overnemen!

    2. Finally, ik heb 'm overgenomen hoor! Binnenkort komt 'ie online :).
      Je HP tag moet ik uiteraard ook nog overnemen, hihi.

  2. heel leuk om te lezen :-)

  3. Thank you so much for tagging me Elisse! I will definitely do this tag!
    I love how you answered your questions. Being yourself on the internet, and really just everywhere , is just the #1 thing! Also Traveling alone is something I have in mind for ages now and I really want to do this someday! Jade x

    1. I love your creative way of filling in the tag! :)

    2. P.S. After gaining some experience on the 'travelling alone'-part, I definitely recommend it!!


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