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Well, hello everyone! First off, thank you Elisse for asking me to do a guestpost for you, I was happily surprised. I am Phara by the way, and my blog is called Neon Maria. I love everything vintage and love strolling around flea markets and thrift stores. I also like sewing and everything involving clothes in general actually. Oh and I really like dodo’s (yes, the extinct bird) and dinosaurs, just a random fact to end this introduction.

Now, I was thinking about what I would include in this post and when I think about Elisse, the first thing that pops into my mind is the image of an owl, so I thought I would look on the web for all sorts of fun related owl things. And here’s what I found.

1. Olive, owl print tee; 2. River Island, watch; 3. Charming on Etsy, ring; 4. Asos, backpack

And I could add a lot more, but that would be a bit too much I presume, but then I found this and just had to show it, cause it’s too cute.

How amazing are those owl mug cozies! I found them in the Etsy shop “handmade by Justin”, there’re a lot of other knitted things in there too.
I definitely must learn how to knit one of those, to knit in general actually. You can make them in all kinds of shapes, colours and you can choose whatever you want to be on it, just experiment with it. I’m predicting a mug cozy crazyness on the web soon!

So hope you enjoyed my guest post and be sure to keep following this lovely lady, can’t wait to see what creative things she’ll post next.

Lots of love!

Thank you so much Phara, for this amazing owl post! That watch MUST be mine..


  1. Oh die laatste, hoe schattig!

  2. oooh dat laatste! superschattig!

  3. Haa wat geweldig, de gebreide kopjes-uiltjes. :D Die wil ik!

  4. Elisse zou helemaal weg zijn van mij Ipod case, haha. Dat is een uiltje! De eerste post die ik op deze blog las ging er ook over :)

    xo Nikki


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