Snail mail Sunday

Happy Sunday! Let's dive straight into what I received and sent out in the past month.

to Saar
I'm still in love with that postcard I bought in Marrakesh. It's just so colorful!

to Katrina
Katrina had to wait a while to get my reply on her first letter but I hope she likes it! I made some colorful flower confetti, put in a picture of Cera, one of my cats (she's so adorable!) and added some transferable stickers with a little manual.

from Fab
That envelope! I love how Fab always tries out new things. Oh yeah, fun fact, at the post office they also didn't want to ruin the pretty stamp & envelope so they put a stamp on the back! How sweet :) Will you look at that awesome handmade stationary?

from Mary
That elephant stamp! I'm kinda bummed out that the stamp on top is so dark and smeary, because I really liked this one! I'm always a happy gal whenever I receive mail from Mary, she puts so much effort in her parcels! I'm going to have to start on making that necklace soon.

from Saar
Sweet Sarah wrote me a very long letter - I was pleasantly surprised by all those gorgeous patterns as well - and the cute bear/fox(?) picking fruits out of a tree. That knitting booklet will come in real handy, thanks Saar!

from Bernardine
This card made me smile for the rest of the day! Basically, Bernardine asked for my address when I was asking for birthday cards and totally forgot about it afterwards. So now, more than 6 months later, she decided to surprise me with a handmade card! Totes awesome! And that handwriting/calligraphy is wonderful!

Have an amazing Sunday!


  1. Such beautiful and colorful mail! :)

  2. Hallo, wat een schitterende postwisseling. Het is zo leuk om post te versturen, maar ook om post te ontvangen. Gewoon in een envelop met een postzegel erop. Hoe kom jij aan de personen en adressen? Heb jij een tip voor mij?

  3. Wat leuk dat mijn kaartje er tussen staat!
    Doe je bij je volgende verjaardag weer en oproepje?

  4. Wat een leuke brieven en postpapieren ^__^
    Leuk hoor zo,n postuitwisseling! Xx

  5. Wat een leuke post! Daar word je gewoon happy van :) .



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