PROJECT 365: days 1-5

Uhh.. Yep, as you've probably read in the title, I'm challenging myself to complete another project 365. I'm pretty excited to see how this year turns out!

For new readers: from November 1, 2012 til November 1, 2013 I made a photo every day. It was a project that started out as a challenge to get to know my camera a bit better, but it became a part of my life and a way of documenting that year. I kind of missed it when it was over - not for the first month or so, though, I was pretty excited to finally being able to leave the house without my heavy camera. Because I had the feeling that nothing (important enough to take a picture of) happened in my life anymore. That is of course bullsh*t, but I made so little photos these past few months that I wanted to pick up this old habit and create another sort of photo diary.
So a week ago, on my fourth blogaversary (April 10), I started another project 365.

This time I want to take the project a step further. Kyle Thompsons' 365 project has inspired me heaps so I'm challenging myself to experiment more with composition, lighting, the use of props and even levitation shots. We'll see how that turns out!

But for now, let's take things slowly so that I can get used to making photographs every day again.

I took a photo of Cera who was washing herself. I couldn't resist posting this 'blooper' because she looks so cute.

Pixel was sleeping and looked awfully cute with his paw perfectly placed on top of the flower.

Elodie at the botanical garden in Antwerp. I love what she's wearing and I just really liked the vibe of this photo.

I bumped into Valérie at a design market. She's holding Nestor, the most recent addition to her family.

This was a testshot for a shoot I had with Brice. He looks so serious (while he's always laughing otherwise).

I'll share my photos on a weekly basis. But if you're overly curious, you can also check out the set I created on Flickr, where I'll try to upload my pictures daily.
& if you know of any more awesome 365 projects, please let me know in the comments, I'd love to get inspired by others even more :)

If you're a brooch kinda gal, check out this post to get a shot at winning a cute Hello-brooch. Only 2 more days to participate!

Have an awesome Monday! Talk to you soon!


  1. Ik denk dat ik verliefd ben op Nestor!

  2. Oh, ik had niet verwacht om mezelf hier al tegen te komen :) Merci ^^ En leuke foto's verder. Ben benieuwd wat het komend jaar nog zal brengen...

  3. Anoniem15.4.14

    Veel geluk er mee. Ik heb nu al opgegeven

  4. Lovely pictures, Good luck with the challenge!

  5. Oh geweldig! Veel succes d'rmee :D

  6. Oohooo, die foto van Pixel met dat bloempje, mijn hart smelt ;)

  7. Ik nam een valste start maar begin opnieuw binnenkort :) Veel geluk er mee!

  8. Ah, ik vind het toch zo leuk dat je dit weer doet! Ik genoot altijd van je foto's. Heb je nog een mooi boek kunnen maken van je vorige foto's (dat ging je doen toch?)

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