Almost turning 1 (Cera)

Pixel & Cera celebrate their first birthday on April 3rd, so it's about time to check up on them! Since I want to share an equal amount of photos of the two, I decided to split this post into two separate posts. Next up: Cera!*
Note: Cera doesn't really like to get her picture taken, but I can assure you she is such a sassy lady.
Miauw! Nice to meet you, my name is Cera and today I will share some of my quirks with you guys. Ready? Set? Go!
* this post contains a high crazy cat lady-level, so be warned!

It's clear that I'm a pretty lady.

I love looking outside and will try to catch anything that moves. I could sit here for hours at a time.

I like cuddling.

Preferably with ladies in the mornings & boys in the evening. (I'm high on love in this next photo)

If it fits, I sits.

I like pretending to be the arm rest of our couch.

I growl (like a dog) when I hear someone in the hallway.

And of course, I like sleeping & peeking whenever Elisse is writing a blogpost.

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  1. what a cutie! she's really stunning :)
    xo, cheyenne

  2. Oh god, the cat feels. I think I'm as cat addicted as you are.. :)

  3. Hahaha, high on love, en nog geen beetje!

  4. Wat een schatje.
    Liefs, Melanie

  5. Die met Joeri is geweldig. Die blik van, mijn mensenvriendje, is adorabel.

  6. Zo grappig dat ze gromt als een hond!

  7. Echt, zo'n fotogenieke katten dat jij hebt zeg!
    Ze zien er echt zo lief uit


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