Almost turning 1 (Cera)

Pixel & Cera celebrate their first birthday on April 3rd, so it's about time to check up on them! Since I want to share an equal amount of photos of the two, I decided to split this post into two separate posts. Next up: Cera!*
Note: Cera doesn't really like to get her picture taken, but I can assure you she is such a sassy lady.
Miauw! Nice to meet you, my name is Cera and today I will share some of my quirks with you guys. Ready? Set? Go!
* this post contains a high crazy cat lady-level, so be warned!

It's clear that I'm a pretty lady.

I love looking outside and will try to catch anything that moves. I could sit here for hours at a time.

I like cuddling.

Preferably with ladies in the mornings & boys in the evening. (I'm high on love in this next photo)

If it fits, I sits.

I like pretending to be the arm rest of our couch.

I growl (like a dog) when I hear someone in the hallway.

And of course, I like sleeping & peeking whenever Elisse is writing a blogpost.

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