Snail mail Sunday

A slightly less photo-heavy post than you're used to, but don't worry, in a few weeks there'll be an overload!

to Leen
I filled in a real friendship booklet, yay! Leen let me be in hers. I'm curious to read the 'end' result though.

to ???
I participated in Fab's secret penpal scavenger hunt. Here are some sneak peeks. For the real deal you'll have to visit back on February 8th. Hopefully my penpal will have had his/her package by then!

to Karlijn
As a little thank you for the wonderful handmade postcards she sent me, I sent Karlijn pretty snailmail! I made a little lined bag for some tea bags (or little trinkets), made paper confetti & added stickers, put in pretty papers & a cute post card.

from Saar:
An exam survival package including lolly pops, sweet candy, delicious tea, trail mix, a cup a soup and of course a lovely letter. So sweet! Made good use of it!

Tomorrow I'm off to pick up a package at the post office, because apparently I wasn't at home on Friday. (Liars, I was and didn't hear no bell ring :( ) Anyway, can't wait to see what's in it!
Have a wonderful Sunday! I'll talk to you soon!

ps. If you want to participate in the February photo challenge, click here.
pps. If you want to send me a birthday card, click here.


  1. Je bent echt een lieve schat Elisse! Zo leuk om je post open te maken :)

  2. Kreeg ik maar zulke vrolijke post... zucht. ;)

  3. heeeee ik heb ook in dat boek geschreven van leen (of had ze er meer dan één) ik stond er den eerste in!!!!

  4. Oh, wat een leuke post weer :) En wat een schattig pakketje, die laatste - lijkt me de perfecte studeer-afleiding!

  5. ben keibenieuwd naar al die pakjes! (sent and received!)


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