Snail mail Sunday

It's Sunday again! And you know what that means, dontcha :) This is the last edition of Snail mail Sunday for 2012, can't wait to see what I'll be receiving and sending in 2013..

These last few weeks I've only received stuff. I love writing and putting together little packages but I can't seem to squeeze my letter writing in with all the work for school, boyfriend and friend time and general relaxation. My first resolution for the next year = make more time to write letters!

From Fab:
My letter to her got lost in the mail (boo-hoo!) but she still sent me some Christmas inspired mail. Look how pretty! That babushka is getting a top spot in my room!

From Saar:
Look how geometric & pretty the envelope is! Every time Saar sends me something my heart skips a beat. So thoughtful to sew a little cloud with rice in to warm up my hands while I'm in the train station waiting for my train to Mechelen. Aaaaah. ♥ And that postcard sure looks like an owl to me too!

I also received two pretty cards from two lovely gals that I didn't expect at all :)

The first one came from Jolien. She is such a great photographer. I really wish I could pick up letter writing with her.. I miss her lovely handwriting!

The second one (& owl themed!) came from Kelly. She included an orange-flavoured lipbalm & wished me an owly christmas. (I can assure you: owly it was!) I love it!

I wish you all a great New Year's Eve and I'll see you again in 2013 :)


  1. Post is toch altijd een beetje feest, he! De beste wensen voor 2013!

  2. la carta de fab esta toda linda :)

  3. Jij ook een gelukkig 2013! Maak er een prachtjaar van :)

  4. Aah wat ontzettend leuk om te ontvangen! Heel mooi en creatief. Gelukkig 2013!

  5. Ha! Mijn saai kaartje staat er ook bij! :-) Veel smeerplezier he! (hopelijk hou je een beetje van appelsien?)

  6. Ik heb ook zo'n lippenbalsem gekregen van Kelly :) Super post weeral! Heb je mijn kaartje toevallig ontvangen?

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