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Mijn welgemeende excuses voor mijn onaangekondigde blogstilte de afgelopen week. Ik ben terug in het koude kikkerlandje na een onvergetelijke ervaring in de Filipijnen, woon plots ergens anders en vind het nogal moeilijk om mijn jetlag te overleven. Maar we komen er wel, bear with me. Vandaag een currently voor jullie, omdat ik wel wat dingetjes te delen heb. Een postje in het Engels dus.

English// Sorry for my unannounced radio silence over the past week. It's been so hard adjusting to Belgian time once again, and my jetlag has been killing me. Slowly but surely, life is getting back to normal though. Because I have some things I want to share, I decided to do another one of these 'Currently' tags.

Comfy to the max! A fluffy jumper and my pajama pants. (It's Sunday, 3:30pm when I'm filling this in, so I'm allowed after an epic weekend!)

Water water water to cure a slight hangover.

The bf made vanilla icecream this morning, so guess what I'm eating for desert tonight? At this moment I have a bowl of radishes next to me, yum.

I'm addicted to Deezer, since it's so easy to make your own playlists and save songs/artists/albums for later. So I'm listening to my 'chill' playlist. If you're looking for someone with an amazing taste in music though, you should visit Laura's blog and listen to the tunes she selects!

The last pages in Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down. Awesome concept for a book, if you ask me. It's about four totally different characters, who meet for the first time at the top of the most popular suicide spot in London. On New Year's Eve. Really curious to read how it ends. So far I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

I started rewatching Lost. 120 episodes, not a good idea. I'm currently somewhere around episode 10, but can already see why I loved it so much the first time. I love Charlie! Also watching Real Humans, a Swedish sci-fi series about robot future gone wrong. So far, so good! Looking for something else to watch with the bf though, so if any of you have a recommendation for something to watch on Netflix?

We're decorating our new place. We have a lot more space and it seems like our furniture can't fill it up quite. So we're saving up for a bigger sofa and a kitchen island (is that what you call it in English?)

To be back in the country that I know, where strangers don't stare at me like I'm some kind of alien. And of course it's nice to be surrounded by the people you love. And to be able to talk in your mother tongue, give hugs and share stories. What I also love is the fact that I got this amazing opportunity and have had all these crazy experiences at the other end of the world.

A bit stressed out (because of my thesis and the fact that getting my bachelor's degree is coming so close, so I can't f*ck it up now!)

Take care, have a jolly good Wednesday and I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Ik ga vanavond meteen even naar Deezer luisteren, ik ken het nog niet. En fijn dat je weer terug bent :) X

  2. Ik ontdekte net Person of Interest, ook een goei serie! Haha die hangover, ja dat gevoel ken ik. Je gaat het goed doen Elisse! :)

    1. Dat ga ik eens bekijken, bedankt voor de tip!

  3. Tof! En de Filipijnen? Wat gaaf!
    Tip voor Netflix (qua series): Bates Motel en Orange Is The New Black.

    1. Orange is the New Black heb ik al gezien, kan niet wachten op het nieuwe seizoen! Echt een epische serie! Ik ga Bates Motel opzoeken! Bedankt :)

  4. succes met je bachelor degree!! xx

  5. Veel succes met je thesis! Als je nieuwe series zoekt om te kijken dan kan ik je Suits, Orange is the new black en Breaking bad aanraden.

    1. Alledrie al gezien, oeps! Allemaal even goed ook :) En merci!

  6. Dat boek lijkt me interessant! Veel succes metje thesis ;)


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