December in review

Friday, January 02, 2015 , 10 Comments

Happy January everyone!!! Hope you've all had a wonderful time celebrating the new year. I can't wait to see what 2015 has to offer. But first, I want to show you a recap of my December :)

In December, I…

» got invited to the opening of Primark in Brussels. So great to be able to shop there without loads of other people standing in the way. But at the same time, I bought way too much stuff.. For example these fake nails, that I thought were too cute to leave at the store. I mean, come on, penguins?!

» went shopping at Action. On the left side you can see what I brought home, on the right is what I actually needed. Oops.

» had more fun at our sewing bee!

» discovered oatmeal breakfast. thank you for the recipe Sanne! Mmmyummie.

» dressed up as Black Pete, together with an old friend. We surprised our youth movement with a little visit. (In case you're wondering what's with the dressing up, you can read all about it here.) Getting the makeup of your face is not always easy..

» cuddled with these cuties!

» had to get my wisdom teeth removed. And therefore I had a perfect excuse for a girls only movienight in our onesies! Thanks for the support fabbies!

» helped out at #21bis4Ghana where me and my classmates organized a 12-hour radio marathon and invited some bands, slam poetry artists & comedians. So much fun! We raised €850 for Water 4 Ghana, so I was a happy gal at the end of the day! And all the preparations were definitely worth it.

» went to Radio Modern with my sister! We dressed up in 50's outfits and lindy hopped the night away! And we also had a movie night at my place with caramelized popcorn. (We finished the entire bowl, I had a bit of a sugar overload afterwards, haha!)

» received many awesome gifts and am so grateful for everyone in my life. <3 br="">

» finished school, at least the first semester of my last year! I had a blast with our radio show Ananas, but at the same time the holidays came just in time.

» wanted to wish you all happy holidays and an awesome ending of 2014 (but totally forgot to blog in time). So here ya go ladies!

And I also wanted to share a little impression of what my New Year's Eve looked like. (Yup, that last picture is me holding a baby I don't know at 4am. Good times!) How did you celebrate? :)

» had way too much fun with Dubsmash.. Laughing is allowed!

» saw 8 movies, 3 seasons of series & read 3 books.
movies & series
» 1 The Matrix - 01/12 - ★★★★
» 2 Pineapple Express - 12/12 - ★
» 3 Looper - 13/12 - ★★★★
» 4 Monsters University - 13/12 - ★★★★
» 5 Home Alone 2: Lost in NY - 24/12 - ★
» 6 Avatar - 27/12 - ★★★★
» 7 The Hunchback of Notre Dame - 28/12 - ★★★★★
» 8 Corpse Bride - 28/12 - ★★★★

» 1 Misfits (season 5) - ?/12 - ★★★★
» 2 Orange is the new Black (season 1) - 18/12 - ★★★★★
» 3 Safety First (season 2) - 18/12 - ★★★★

1 En dan nog iets - Paulien Cornelisse - 10/12 - ★★★★
2 Blindness - José Saramago - 12/12 - ★★★★★
3 Stoner - John Williams - 19/12 - ★★★

Hope you've had an amazing December!

p.s. For more snaps out of my daily life, you can follow me on instagram @bijgebrekaanbeter.


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