Autumn bucket list: update #2

Autumn has finally arrived! It's getting colder & colder, and the falling leafs are so pretty. Time for a second update on my Autumn bucket list!

1. have some me-time
2. make something for myself
3. make a scarf
4. try out 3 pins (2/3)
5. do something that is totally out of my comfort zone
6. have a fun day out with the bf and our godchildren
7. watch 5 new (to me) movies (5/5)

8. complete 5 more things of my Summer bucket list (3/5)
9. take an outdoor nature walk - in general: be outdoors more often
10. release a floating lantern and make a wish
11. go swimming at least once a month (1/3)
12. sleep in a tent
13. get my favorite boots resoled
14. get some new warm winter slippers

4. 2/3
I spoiled myself with this (yummy) homemade mask. I had pinned it a loooong time ago but don't always have lemons in my fridge. A couple of days ago I had so I made this scrub/exfoliating mask and put it on my face and lips. I let it sit for about 15 minutes and then washed my face. All done, and  feels like having a babyskin!
& I've had oatmeal in the past, but not like this! Sanne posted a recipe from her favorite breakfast every day this past week and I'm feeling super inspired. This was a definite win (although I would make half of the batch Sanne makes, because it's a little too much for me every morning).

8. 3/5
I threw out two giant bags of clothing (in a clothing container from OXFAM, no worries!). There were some clothes that didn't fit anymore, but also just some that weren't really my style anymore. And then I kinda forced the bf to clean out his closet as well. I still have a bunch of clothes lying around, which is good enough for selling (cheaply) so I might have to go to another flea market and get myself a spot.

9. Yup! I really love these walks in the park :)

11. Nope! I'll have to get my game up and go swimming two more times this Autumn. Why, oh why, have I begun procrastinating again?

14. Success as well! I scored these ones during my shopping spree at Primark in November.
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Have a great day! Talk to you soon!

ps. I'm seriously doubting to record myself singing for #5. But I promise, it won't be that good. Just want to expand my mindset a little!

pps. My wisdom teeth are being removed at this instant! As I'm typing this (for you guys it's yesterday) I'm getting really anxious.. Uh-oh. Hope I don't end up like a giant Easter egg :)


  1. Even a little progress is a step in the right direction! Enjoy the beautiful autumn colours :)


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