2014 in 14 photos

Wednesday, December 31, 2014 , 10 Comments

Vannacht alweer de start van een nieuw jaar! Time flies when you're having fun! 2014 verdient wel een kleine terugblik op de kleine en grote dingen die ik wil onthouden van het afgelopen jaar. Kijkt u even mee?

01 i finished my second year in Journalism and started the third year with a lot of practicing in our radiostudio ~ 02 i became a book addict once again and read 44 books in 2014
03 practicing my 'photography' skills is something i still love to do ~ 04 i was asked to be the photographer at another wedding and felt honored to be a part of their special day
05 blood, sweat and tears went into our magazine Jambo ~ 06 every time i see this picture i start smiling
07 one of the first self portraits i made with my new camera
08 these ones are still my besties 09 healthy lifestyle for the win
10 festivals and laughter with my bff for life, my sister - every year, we get along better 11 crafting is my middle name
12 i am in a book~ 13 this fella and i celebrated our decade together and we had a wonderful holiday in Morocco
14 CuraƧao happened - the island has my heart - such a wonderful trip

ps. Dankuwel lievekes om hier weer talrijk aanwezig te zijn en mijn hersenspinsels te komen lezen! Jullie zijn schatten!

Ik wens u allen een knallend eindejaar en zie jullie graag terug in 2015! (Oh, dat klinkt nog zo ver weg!)


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