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Friday, November 21, 2014 , 16 Comments

When I saw this tag at Merels blog CRVY - which I by the way, recommend you check out! - I immediately knew that I had to fill it in. I added a few of my own questions as well, because I thought you might find the answers amusing. As you may have probably noticed, ever since I bought a smartphone I'm pretty addicted to it. I'm not going to tag anyone, so if you want to fill in the tag as well, please do and let me know in the comments down below! I'll take a peek at your blog ^_^

What is your instagram username and why?
You can find me on instagram with the username @bijgebrekaanbeter, which is basically just an extension of my blogname. If you're not a dutchie and don't know what 'bij gebrek aan beter' means, it basically means 'to the lack of anything better'. When I started this blog, I didn't know what name to pick, so I went for this one. And in Dutch, it sounds real nice in my opinion :)

Left - My first photo posted on IG ^^ & right - also from back in the day!

How many photos do you post on average?
It depends. I would say I post a photo every two days. Sometimes more, sometimes less. There are just days that are not as interesting to document and share, and then there are others where I do lots of stuff and want to share it all. So yeah, that.

Instagram facts
I posted 260 media files (photos and videos together), 410 people follow me while I follow 261 lucky ones ( ;-) ). I received 6452 likes and 753 comments. (Those last facts blew my mind...) In the last 7 days there were 53 new followers for my account but I've lost 20 as well. So that makes a total of 36 followers! Hi newbies!

Most liked?
Selfies are always a win on instagram, this is my most liked photo on IG. I tried out a blue winged eyeliner and was pretty happy with the rest of my makeup for the day!

Your own personal favorite?
Definitely this one from when I was in CuraƧao at the beginning of this year with my family. It was a magical trip and this picture really captures all of that.

What apps do you use in combination with instagram?
I use VSCO-cam (like everyone else in the universe) and filter F2 is my favorite. I also use Whitagram if I have a non-square photo but I don't want to crop it, and PhotoCollage or InstaFrame+ if I want to make collages.

What filter do you use the most?
I use Valencia for 10,38% of my photos, and for about 67,31% I don't use any filter. (I then use the other apps for editing!)

Which hashtags do you use the most?
My #1 most used hashtag is cat. Why doesn't this surprise me?!

Which celebrities do you follow?
Do you have a minute? I'm not really someone who likes to follow actors or singers, but I follow a lot of YouTubers! @tyleroakley, @beautycrush, @grav3yardgirl@heyclaire@zoella, @beautygloss
Oh and one exception on my singer list: the members of Pentatonix: Scott, Mitch, Avi, Kevin & Kirsty. After seeing them live this year (finally!) I'm even more in love with their voices.

Which animals do you follow?
Mostly cats!
@raampoesjes is pretty cute, it's a collection of cats that are sitting in front of their windows, @meowthilda, and @amaguri207 because Maru and Chacha are adorable!

Which (big) companies do you follow?
@poopycatofficial, @eyeslipsface, @fotocover, @lafilledo, @flowmagazine

Do you have a lot of family on instagram?
Mmmh, not really. I wish the bf would be more into social media, but unfortunately he's not. My sister has an IG-account, and some of my nieces do!
My first sushi experience! Oh, I'm craving for that good stuff right now...

p.s. I used Iconosquare to find out about my statistics. You can even see who your newest followers are and who unfollowed you (auwtch), haha!

Tell me, do you have instagram? And do you use it in the same excessive way as I do sometimes? (Oh and if I'm unfamiliar with your IG, please leave a comment with your link so I can check yours out!)

Talk to you soon! I'm off to work AND to see Lenny Kravitz tonight ♥ Have a wonderful weekend!


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