October in review

Tuesday, November 04, 2014 6 Comments

By now I guess you know what happens at the beginning of a new month. That's right, a little review about what happened in my life during that last month. I can tell you this already: October was filled with lots of good & fun stuff!

In October, I…

» had cheese fondue.... mmmhhhh... & accepted these miniature perfumes from Nina Ricci from my parents. Just a 'little something' they bought on their trip to Lanzarote! Thanks so much best mommy & daddy in the world!

» went thriftshopping during Dag van de Kringwinkel and succeeded! I found three new books and only paid €4. What a bargain!

» made a bucket list for this Autumn and began "working" on it.

» ran again (after two months of doing absolutely nothing!) & had a lovely bubble tea and apple-cinnamon cupcake at Jili's.

» did a three day detox. I'll put up a whole blogpost dedicated to my experiences!

» went to an epic birthdayparty and had loads of fun at CDA! (Still one of my fave clubs ever - even though I'm not really a clubber).

» actually, went to quite a few parties, now that I've come to think about it. Such a blast!

» had three more radio shows (our program is called Radio Ananas, and you can livestream it every Tuesday from 11 to 12am at 21bis.be, if you're interested!), and even hosted the last one.

» for that last one, I made a report about the new Flemish horror film Cub (Welp) and that was so much fun! Luckily, my sister joined me at the first run of the movie, because it was at the outdoor theatre in Deurne and it was sooooo creepy!

» let my friend put a ton of makeup on my face for her evening course. In the end, it looked really good, in my opinion!
left photo made by Sophie Bell

» put some make up on my sisters face for Halloween. Creepy, huh!? Thanks to Shanah from Lookdujour for the inspiration and this tutorial.

» turned myself into a skeleton as well (after doing my sisters face and being pleasantly surprised by the creepy look) to go to a Halloween party! (How) did you celebrate?

» saw 7 movies, 3 seasons of series & read 4 books.
movies & series
1 Good Will Hunting - 09/10 - ★★★★★
2 Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead - 19/10 - ★★★
3 Cub (Welp - 22/10 - ★★★★
4 Me, myself and Irene - 24/10 - ★★
5 Catch me if you can - 26/10 - ★★★★★
6 Sex and The City: the Movie - 27/10 - ★★★★★
7 Inception - 31/10 - ★★★★

1 Misfits (season 1) - 12/10 - ★★★★
2 Misfits (season 2) - 16/10 - ★★★★
3 Misfits (season 3) - 23/10 - ★★★★

1 HP and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling - 02/10 - ★★★★★
2 Gelukkig heeft je moeder twee oren - Wouter Deprez - 14/10 - ★★★★★
3 The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson - 17/10 - ★★★
4 And the Mountains Echoed  - Khaled Hosseini - 27/10 - ★★★★

Hope you've had an equally fabulous October! See you tomorrow for a fresh blogpost :)

p.s. For more snaps out of my daily life, I suggest you take a look at my Instagramaccount.


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