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Wednesday, November 05, 2014 , 10 Comments

I'm participating in this project called Bloggers Group Hug that Jade started. BloggersGroupHug stands for support, unity & similarity in the blogging world. The basic idea is that every week, we get sent a word and we have to describe that word in our own way. You can read all about it here. (Jade is much better in explaining her project!)

This week's word is years.

I'm not really a melancholic kind of person, but watching the years pass by sometimes makes me kind of nostalgic about the past. Being carefree, not having to worry about anything other than what you were going to do after school is a period of my life I miss sometimes. But of course, it comes with becoming adult. To me, years is the word that reminds me of the hastiness of life.

This photo is the one reminding me of those 'good old times'. My sister and I had to go to bed, but instead we busted out every single jewelry item we had, decorated ourselves and went downstairs again. I miss those jeans outfits ;-)

Oh yeah, in this picture I'd broken my nose. (Look at my sister's creepy smile, haha!)

What does the word 'years' remind you of?
Thanks for reading. Talk to you tomorrow!


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