Summer Bucket list: so long Summer!

Saturday, October 11, 2014 7 Comments

High time to look back on what I was able to cross off of my Summer bucket list. I may have aimed a bit too high with this list though, so I need to downsize my list a bit for Autumn in order for it to work. Also, note to self: write it in my agenda, that way I will get confronted with my list daily and it won't be so hard to forget about my goals!

1. drink 2l water a day
2. buy flowers for myself
3. shoot a roll of film
4. make an outfit for myself
5. do a refashion
6. make a granny square
7. learn to play the guitar
8. attend a flea market with all my old clothing
9. visit (another) flea/handmade/design market
10. print my project 365 from last year and put the photos in a book

11. pass my resits!
12. go on a picnic
13. go roller blading
14. go on a little road trip
15. do a 3-day detox
16. get my nose pierced
17. get a tattoo
18. bake something sweet
19. revamp the blog
20. participate in a 5k-run!
21. return every borrowed item to its rightful owner (Jef: dvd, Laura: hairthingie, Jolien: necklace, Bell: book)

3. I shot a roll with this bad boy, now just have to get it developed...

8. I've decided to donate a lot, and maybe sell some of the more pricey or emotionally valuable stuff here on the blog. Would you be interested in that?

11. Yes, I did it! I'm in my final year of college now. It finally happened.

13. It was fun! I need to pick up a new pair of blades though.. Anyone any tips on where to find decent, yet cheap, roller skates?

19. And you can still admire the results ;-) I'm still very happy with the way things are looking here, it looks so clean and organized, yay!

20. The run my sister and I were going to participate in, was during my last-minute holiday trip, so it didn't work. Hopefully I'll find the time to participate in a run this Autumn!

Not really an amazing final result on my Summer bucket list. However, I did a lot of fun stuff this past Summer and can't say I got bored. There is still some stuff on here I'd like to do so I'm going to extend my deadline a bit. But more on that in my post about my Autumn bucket list! So stay tuned ;-)

Hope you had a wonderful Summer, and a great start this Autumn. 
Hope you're doing well! Talk to you soon!


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