Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, October 19, 2014 12 Comments

Koekoe! My mailbox was a happy one! (And I'm getting back on track with my replies, that deserves a celebration!)
to Katrina
Woops, don't know what happened but these two are the only pictures I was able to find of my first outgoing mail to Katrina in the Philipines! So excited to see how our penpalfriendship will evolve :) I made her a custom notebook, included a postcard and a looong letter chitchatting about everyday life.

to Mary
I used my envelope as a way of mapping my letter and goodies. So I wrote a long (literally) letter and included some goodies. And I did a (bad) attempt at doodling with fun neon pens.

to Fab
I did the same thing as I did with Mary's envelope, but I also spray painted this one gold and watercolored on the front of the envelope.

Last picture by Fab

from Marlou
Will you look at that little washi tape holding cat? It's adorable! The stationary is really pretty as well. Thank you Marlou!

from Katrina
Wow, Katrina is a fast replyer! I adore the themed envelope and the super pretty cards from the Philipines in there. Can't wait to try out that tea whenever I'm really tired. Thank you Katrina! I'll get back to you asap :)

Have an amazing Sunday!


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