Marhaban sahbi!

Hello friends! I'm sorry for my unannounced absence this past week. School is seriously taking over my life. I hope that by next week I'll be a bit used to it so I can make some more time for blogging, because I definitely miss it.

In case you have no clue what the title of this post means: at the beginning of September I went to Marrakesh, Morocco, together with my dear boyfriend. We went away for a week to get some rest, to enjoy the sun & each others company and to drink cocktails. In general, we just wanted to get away from the routine that was creeping into our lives. And it worked! We met another couple during our trip & had loads of fun with them. We made a few trips to the city center and got mesmerized by the souks and all the activities that were going on everywhere. But overall, we luxuriated in all the waterslides that the aquapark next to our hotel had to offer. Amazing!

I only made a few pictures (I didn't even take my Canon with me, to be honest), but I did make a little movie with footage from both our iPhones and a tiny underwater camera. The quality of the camera isn't that great, but it sure was worth the money. Just make sure to take a lot of batteries with you, because this thing guzzles batteries like crazy! The selfiescreen on the front is very useful to (indeed) take selfies. Hah, who knew? ;-)

Talk to you soon!


  1. i was in marrakesh aaaages ago and now i want to go back. really like the video :)

  2. The video is so cool! I've never been to Marrakesh and now I want to :D
    By the way, no worries.. I guess september/october are very busy months for all of us students ;) But I'll be looking forward to more frequent posts soon! <3

  3. Morocco! I'd love to see it someday c:
    Fun video! De eerste paar foto's zijn
    lief Xx

  4. Anoniem7.10.14

    I love the video and Marrakesh looks amazingly beautiful!! - I totally get the whole routine thing. It's always nice to get out of it for a few days!

  5. Marrakech, wat tof! hoop daar ook ooit nog eens naartoe te kunnen :)
    xo, cheyenne

  6. zowa tussen de soukhs struinen en aan 't zwembad liggen, jep, ik zou er ook voor te vinden zijn! zalig filmpje! ik wil op reis..

  7. Oooh, Elisse, zo schattig! :D
    Van zo'n filmpjes krijg ik altijd zin om op vakantie te gaan! Ik heb een vriendin in Marokko wonen en toch ga ik er niet genoeg naartoe :(

  8. Super mooi! Haha uw lief zijn gat op het internet :)

  9. Oh fijn filmpje! Ik ben nog nooit in Marokko geweest maar het lijkt me wel de moeite.

  10. Het filmpje is zo lief! Volgens mij zijn jullie echt zo'n schattig stelletje.
    En AAHH al die poesjes! Sweet!
    + de onderwaterfoto's zijn echt heel cool.


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