Upcycled Volkswagen shorts

A couple of weeks ago I found myself in desperate need of some shorts. Luckily for me, the boyfriend had an old pair of jeans that was ripped at the knees and he didn't wear it anymore. It fit me perfectly, so I cut it off, folded the hem over twice and secured the sides with a few stitches.

It looked fine, but a lil' plain Jane, right?

So I decided to upcycle it a bit more by incorporating this lovely pink hippie Volkswagen fabric I bought (over six months ago!). I cut two pockets and sewed them on top of the - already existing - pockets on the back of the shorts. To make it even more me, I added my own fabric label. Et voilà, totally wearable and totally Elisse!

What do you think? Have you refashioned anything lately?

Hope you have a splendid Friday - and to all moms, especially mine: Happy Mother's Day! - I'll talk to you soon!

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  1. Hahahaha, héél leuk, die zakken!

  2. Ooooh!! Elisse, jij bent zo creatief :o Superleuk gedaan!

  3. Die zijn zo leuk!
    Wat een schattig stofje <3

  4. Een vrolijk broekje met die zakken :)

  5. Ik kan helemaal niks met textiel!! Maar het is superleuk!

  6. !!!! superleuk!
    (en wtf, gekke Belgen, moederdag in augustus? ;))

    1. Enkel gekke Antwerpenaren eigenlijk, wij zijn de enigen die moederdag vieren in augustus. ;-)

  7. I freaking love these!! (And your blog looks soo lovely! Awesome new look!)


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