PROJECT 365 #14 (and a lay-out change!)

Sunday, August 17, 2014 17 Comments

Hi! Noticed anything different? Yeah, that's right, I did a proper lay-out change! It looks really different, but I like it! I might change the 'bij gebrek aan beter' on top into something that's a little more colorful, but I'm happy with the change. It was about time. If you find anything that is not as it should be in the layout, please let me know so I can work it out. Thank you!

Now on to week 14 of my Project 365! As I mentioned before I was going to participate in the August photo challenge organized by Melissa, but I got sick two weeks ago and found it hard to catch up with the photos I've missed, so I've decided to not participate after all. I've been having a lot of new inspiration lately though, so I'm pretty sure you'll see some of it shining through in the next week's batches of photos.

With my fabulous girlfriends in the city.

Snoring her way through life. (While I'm lying sick on the couch.)

That's my pretty boy.

Let me take a selfie. Using a remote control. To show off my new heels, you can't even see in this photo.

Movie was better than the book, that's a first. (Altough I did see the film before reading the book, so maybe that's the reason?)

My pretty upcycled shorts.

He still thinks he's tiny.

Peeling onions is a tough job.

Stack of HP. (Just finished the third book today. I have an addiction, the boyfriend says.)

A girl on paper.

That's all for today! Take care & I'll talk to you soon!


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