Snail mail Sunday

to Mary
Thank you so much Mary for your endless patience! At last I replied to Mary. I sent her the tea wallet I made for this tutorial, including some delicious teas. I also sent a letter (duh) held together with a bicycle paperclip, a fun DIY for a pompon garland and a card to remind her to keep dreaming.

to Fabrizia
Another lovely gal that had to show a lot of patience! Arrived at Fabs place: some new washi tape additions to my washi family that I wanted to share, a feather embroidery and a letter on handmade watercolor stationary.

to Saar
Pretty watercoloring for Saar (look at them skillz, haha ;-) ), embroidery to state the bird's thoughts (PIEP!) and sleepy time tea.

Enjoy your Sunday! I'm off for a date with my fab girlfriends!


  1. Oh jij maakt zulke mooie dingen! Echt hoor Elize, heerlijk om te zien. Met de waterverf is ook erg mooi zeg, leuk bedacht!

  2. These look amazing! It's been so long since I actually wrote a letter! Except sending Christmas cards to the family :)

  3. I am sure that the girls who got your mail were very happy when they found it in their mailbox! Lovely to see your creative mail :).

  4. Anoniem15.7.14

    Dag Lieve Elisse! This post made me very excited.. I love every single item, you are very creative :D
    I wanted to tell you that I nominated you for The Sunflower Award because you are always supporting me on my blog :D

    Have a great day! J x

  5. these are so creative and beautiful, it looks like you put so much time into each one of these

  6. Ik word altijd heel erg blij van je snail mail-foto's. Die geborduurde veer is enorm leuk gedaan... en de rest eigenlijk ook!

  7. Wauw dit ziet er allemaal leuk uit. Om vrolijk van te worden!

  8. Anoniem23.7.14

    Wat een mooie brieven! Ik word er helemaal blij van! 😀

  9. Wat leuk allemaal, leuke kleuren! :D


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