PROJECT 365 #12

I passed my 100th photo, yay!

91.365 & 92.365
Couldn't resist posting this one. The bf fell asleep on my lap. He's such a cutie. & Ran my first 5K together with mom today! So proud!

Crazy filter by using glasses that I got at the Sinksenfoor a couple of weeks before.

This one is growing so big. The vet said he needs to lose half a kilo.

Redyeing my hair. The shower looked like I had murdered someone in there.

Some cuddling time with my favorite one-eyed pirate.

This one and his sleeping positions crack me up every time. He lay there like that the entire afternoon.

Nailpainting time with cute colorful star stickers with a bow.

When I spotted these three posing for their mom at Antwerp Central Station, I just had to get a picture. Just look how fabulous they are!

Celebrating my 100th photo with a smoothie and some quality time.

Montage skills in Ghent.

At Dour festival. Danced my butt off, had a great laugh and collected a lot of beer cups.

That's it for this week! Next week's update will consist probably only iPhone pictures since today I'm leaving for work at a festival a couple of days and I don't want to risk getting my camera stolen. I have some posts planned in for you guys in my absence, so don't worry. Enjoy the amazingly good weather and I'll talk to you soon!


  1. Day 99 is perfection. Those are some cool kiddos. Congrats on passing Day 100!

  2. The line up for Dour looked really good! I hope you had a great time!

  3. Toffe foto's! Mijn kat moet al jaren vermageren en zelfs al wegen we elke dag haar porties mooi af, dat gaat echt niet! En leuke foto met jullie smoothies samen.

  4. Leuke update alweer! Ik loop echt hopeloos achter met mijn updates ;). Die foto van die 3 kindjes is echt fijn!


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