PROJECT 365 #11

Friday, July 11, 2014 9 Comments

Okay guys, I really have to take out my DSLR more often. Pinch/punch me if the next post contains as many bad quality photos as this one please! Thanks in advance ;-) I had fun times nonetheless!

Roaring 20's party. I told you about this one in my previous post. Here's a picture that I took a little later that evening, when the party actually got started ;-)

79.365 & 80.365
Time for some crafting (aka embroidering). & I snapped this one from my bed - almost forgot about my picture.

Preparing a snail mail package for Italy.

Dinner at a new home. (and oh the awful quality of this picture - but yay for the good times!)

The first ones ever that stole my heart.

84.365 & 85.365
Little Lize fell asleep in my arms. & This fox came to live with me.

86.365 & 87.365
Painting nails can be so relaxing (this one is 5 coats and lasted me over a week!). & Thank you daddy!

Working at the marine.

89.365 & 90.365
More crafting, watercolouring and embroidering. & Walking home after a fun night out playing cards and cheering for the World Cup.

Enjoy your evening & talk to you soon!


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