June in review

Tuesday, July 01, 2014 13 Comments

Bye June, hello July! Let the Summer holidays begin!

In June, I…

» received Art d'Eco! (review coming soon) & spotted it in stores!

» went to my first festival of the year, Gladiolen! I had loads of fun backstage.

» ordered an e.l.f. package and am so thrilled about it! Although the bronzer is really pigmented and the bf thought that I had been punched in the face, the lipstick, eyeshadow and liquid eyeliner is verrrry nice! (face photo will follow in the next Project 365 post if you're curious) & went shopping again after almost 3 months of not buying anything.

» gave myself an ombre once again & ate some raspberries in true Amélie style.

» had deadlines to meet and exams to make.

» gave my sister a haircut. left: before, right: after!

» went running regularly. (Color Run, here I come!)

» met a few insanely cute kittens

» went on a mini-holiday to the Netherlands with my family.

» had lovely dates with old and new friends (not all pictured here) & had my first ever Jili bubble tea.

» went to the Sinksefoor to celebrate the end of the semester!

» saw 3 movies, 1 series & read 2 books
1 Bruce Almighty - 13/06 - ★★★★
2 Fight Club - 13/03 - ★★★★
3 Crazy, stupid, love. - 21/06 - ★★★
4 Breaking Bad (season 4) ★★★

1 Art d'Eco - Kelly Eeckhaut - 18/06 - ★★★★★
2 The Fault in our Stars - John Green - 19/06 - ★★★★★

How was your May?

Have a great day! Talk to you soon!


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