Spring Bucket list: Spring is over!

Monday, June 23, 2014 6 Comments

Summer has already started! Time to look back on the Spring bucket list I made three months ago!

1. make it to every deadline
2. eat more fruits & veggies
3. go running again (attempt #3, third time's the charm?)
4. spring-clean the apartment
5. buy flowers for myself
6. shoot a roll of film
7. make a dress
8. do a refashion
9. start a scrap blanket
10. make a granny square
11. do a photo shoot outside
12. have a movie marathon
13. go on a picnic
14. visit a flea market
15. go roller blading
16. visit another city (other than Berlin)
17. save up some money each month
18. bake cookies or muffins
19. celebrate Pixel & Cera's first birthday!
20. finish some more pages in my Wreck This Journal
21. make my own fabric labels

1. Deadlines are all over now, yessssss!! I did my best and am proud to say that I made every deadline I wanted to keep, so I consider this one crossed off!

4. The whole apartment is looking neat! I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom and hallway very thoroughly.  Next up: cleaning out our closet!

12. I didn't exactly watch a lot of movies, but I watched an entire season of Breaking Bad in just a couple of days? So for me, that counts :)

16. I went to Brussels, Louvain and Wassenaar (NL). Hurrah!

20. Looks like my WTJ is filling up a bit again, it was about time though! (I'll show you the results in another blogpost.)

Since the last two months have been awfully busy - last time mentioning this, I swear - I'm just glad I could squeeze in some me-time every once in a while. But a lot of these things will show up in my Summer bucket list, I'm sure :)

What are your plans for Summer?

Talk to you soon!


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