Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, June 15, 2014 , 8 Comments

from Fab
Fabrizia visited London and sent me this pretty letter in a booklet form and a city scavenger hunt from London! Thank you Fab!

from Saar
Saar sent me a little package to survive the exams (almost all the KitKats are in my stomach now.. One exam to go!) with an adorable notebook for us as pen pals to fill in and a gorgeous illustration. Thanks so much hun!

from Sonja
I sent Sonja a little package with a lot of pretty stamps I didn't use and she sent me this owl snail back! She said that she didn't have any owl-related things, so she made the pretty owl card herself! Cute!

from Janina
When I saw that Janina gave away these handmade sewn cards on her blog, I couldn't not participate. And yay for me, because I won one! Isn't this adorable? And so clever. This will get a special place in my room!

from Melanie
Melanie sent me an e-mail stating that she had once made a cute owl card and she wanted to send it to me. Owlsome! She included lots of other owl goodies in the envelope as well. Hooray!

from Joska
For my participation in the "10 things snail mail" I received this package from Joska. The deadline is long gone, but I still haven't found the time to create something for Joska. Will do asap though! (Aren't those butterflies precious? I'm not that much of a butterfly fan, but I like the materials they're made of.)

Fiew, that's it for this week! Tomorrow is my last exam and after that I have a two month holiday! Can't wait to get crafty again!

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday & talk to you soon!


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