PROJECT 365 #4 & #5

Wednesday, June 11, 2014 6 Comments

Woops, since I'm a little behind I'm going to share week 4 and 5 all in one. So this is a little image heavy post. Enjoy!

Sunday is always time for a mask-day!

My year organized Cultclash 2014, a night where we invited singers, directors, musicians, actors or overall just really cool people to perform & get asked some questions. I was the photographer and I had a blast. In this picture you see Esmé Bos performing.

Experimenting with double exposure.

28.365 & 29.365
Fun in the train & My classmate Julie

I participated in the rainbow tag and the color I got was orange. I kinda dig this picture just because it's so colorful!

I made a pacifier clip for a newborn. This was the first time I used my personalized 'bij gebrek aan beter'-labels as well, such an official moment. Hah!

Time to visit the tiny girl!

Daddy visits his friend Pixel.

Almost forgot to take a picture today. Damn you, deadlines and busy days!

Cat hiding in the closet.

My bf is the sweetest. He put together this plate and added some cheese croquettes as well. It was delicious!

A lot of phone pics in this update and the next one, unfortunately. Summertime will be better, yayus!

Hope you have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon!


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