My Summer Bucket List

Sunday, June 29, 2014 21 Comments

Summer is already here! Boy, time flies when you're having fun. I can't wait to start on my new list - including a lot of things that I didn't do in Winter & Spring, so Summer: please be good to me!

1. drink 2l water a day
2. buy flowers for myself
3. shoot a roll of film
4. make an outfit for myself
5. do a refashion
6. make a granny square
7. learn to play the guitar
8. attend a flea market with all my old clothing
9. visit (another) flea/handmade/design market
10. print my project 365 from last year and put the photos in a book

11. pass my resits!
12. go on a picnic
13. go roller blading
14. go on a little road trip
15. do a 3-day detox
16. get my nose pierced
17. get a tattoo
18. bake something sweet
19. revamp the blog
20. participate in a 5k-run!
21. return every borrowed item to its rightful owner

There we go! I'm going to start with number 4 of this list, wish me luck!

Have a great Summer, I hope you yourself have some nice Summerplans as well! Talk to you soon!


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