Snail mail Sunday

to Fabrizia
Mail for Fabrizia, including a handmade letter booklet, little birthday gift, cute card and an awesome scratch sticker.

to Sarah & Cathy
I picked out these girls as winners for my 'birthday mail' competition, and decided to make them a tea wallet (which you could also use for your bank/business cards, photos, ...), since that's my new addiction. They're just so easy to make! (In case you missed it: I posted a tutorial on how to make them!) I made them in contrasting fabrics & added a handmade fabric button on top. Hope they like 'm!

to Sonja
Sonja has a huge stamp collection and asked on her blog if somebody had some stamps to spare. Well, I do! I love nice stamps, but I barely ever use them, so why not send them to someone who cherishes them even more?

to Joska
I'm participating in a ten things snail mail, where you send ten crafting items to someone else. That person then makes something using those ten things - you can of course use your own supplies as well - and then sends the snail mail back to you. I picked out ten of my favorite items and can't wait to see what Joska put together for me!

That's all for today! In a fortnight: another Snail mail Sunday post! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday & talk to you soon!


  1. Dit ziet er zo schattig uit ik blijf de kaart/theezakjeshouder echt geweldig vinden :)

  2. My favourite is letters to to Sarah & Cathy. ⌒.⌒

  3. Wat maak je toch een mooie dingen. Doet me denken aan de mooie post die je mij stuurde! Fijne zondag :)

  4. Ik heb dat lintje van de laatste foto ook. Big love for den Action :)

  5. stamps!! >.< I'm kinda obsessed with them :o Lovely mail elisse, as always!! <3

  6. Ooh ik word hier zo blij van. Ik wou dat ik meer tijd nam voor dit soort post projectjes, het ziet er superleuk uit! :) x

  7. Anoniem5.5.14

    Wat een leuk idee, dat ten things snail mail! Zou ik ook wel een keertje willen proberen :) Sowieso is post altijd leuk! x Carmen

  8. Saar5.5.14

    dat kaartje met die hongd :)

  9. Gelukkige winnaars, Ik hoop dat je toch blij was met mijn post :)

  10. Anoniem12.5.14

    Your little tea wallets are so cute! :)


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