PROJECT 365 #3

It's about time for another update! Some days were pretty busy, so I didn't take all these photos with my Canon 600D. Some are made with my phone. I reaaaaally can't wait for the deadlines to be over so that I can finally spend more time in making pretty pictures!

Can't believe how much this man has grown. See how tiny he was when he was just a kitten?!

Almost forgot about today's photo, so I took one while sitting in the couch and looking upside. A peek at our photo wall (in progress).

Here's a cutiepie that crawled into a fabric box while I was working on a scrap blanket. Oh and you can see a piece of Pixel in this photo as well.

17.365 & 18.365
Pretty sister and sweet Tits & amazing PTX concert @ Trix, Antwerp.

The boy and his 'stache.

A little more decoration in our tiny apartment. Three of my favorite postcards of all time.

Today was a good day for taking photos. This is the elephant of the Africamuseum in Tervuren, where I had an interview.

We don't like making the bed.

23.365 & 24.365
Bad quality selfie but good quality time with friends & Mussles from Brussels (an evil looking dad).

Hope you have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon!


  1. Oh my, that bed cover though! Where's it from?

    1. It's from Aldi, a Belgian warehouse. But it sold out pretty quickly, so I'm afraid you can't find it anymore... :(

  2. Heel mooie foto's Elisse! Je bent goed bezig! Ik ben opnieuw gestart!

  3. heel erg leuke foto's! vooral die laatste van je papa, grappig!

  4. Katjes groeien veel te snel! Mijn twee kittens zijn nu ook al groot en zwaar!

  5. Hihi, uw papa :D Je doet mij er aan denken dat ik DRINGEND nog eens bij het Afrikamuseum moet langsgaan!

    1. 't Afrikamuseum is sinds december 3 jaar dicht voor renovatie, dus je zal er niet veel kunnen gaan doen, haha! :)

  6. Leuke update alweer! Ik kan echt niet genoeg krijgen van de foto's van jouw katten, precies fotomodellen.
    Die van de olifant vind ik ook leuk


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