PROJECT 365 #3

Tuesday, May 06, 2014 9 Comments

It's about time for another update! Some days were pretty busy, so I didn't take all these photos with my Canon 600D. Some are made with my phone. I reaaaaally can't wait for the deadlines to be over so that I can finally spend more time in making pretty pictures!

Can't believe how much this man has grown. See how tiny he was when he was just a kitten?!

Almost forgot about today's photo, so I took one while sitting in the couch and looking upside. A peek at our photo wall (in progress).

Here's a cutiepie that crawled into a fabric box while I was working on a scrap blanket. Oh and you can see a piece of Pixel in this photo as well.

17.365 & 18.365
Pretty sister and sweet Tits & amazing PTX concert @ Trix, Antwerp.

The boy and his 'stache.

A little more decoration in our tiny apartment. Three of my favorite postcards of all time.

Today was a good day for taking photos. This is the elephant of the Africamuseum in Tervuren, where I had an interview.

We don't like making the bed.

23.365 & 24.365
Bad quality selfie but good quality time with friends & Mussles from Brussels (an evil looking dad).

Hope you have a wonderful day! Talk to you soon!


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