Spring Bucket list: update #1

Sunday, April 27, 2014 8 Comments

We're a month into Spring (can't believe how fast time is flying by) so let's see how I'm doing on my list!

1. make it to every deadline
2. eat more fruits & veggies
3. go running again (attempt #3, third time's the charm?)
4. spring-clean the apartment
5. buy flowers for myself
6. shoot a roll of film
7. make a dress
8. do a refashion
9. start a scrap blanket
10. make a granny square
11. do a photo shoot outside
12. have a movie marathon
13. go on a picnic
14. visit a flea market
15. go roller blading
16. visit another city (other than Berlin)
17. save up some money each month
18. bake cookies or muffins
19. celebrate Pixel & Cera's first birthday!
20. finish some more pages in my Wreck This Journal
21. make my own fabric labels

2. So far, I've made myself a fresh smoothie pretty much every other day, and I'm trying to snack healthier. So far, so good!

3. I started running with Evy again, it's going good! If I can keep up with the lessons, I'm hoping to participate in a running competition by the end of May. But for now, let's focus on getting the next lesson done.

9. I've cut out a lot of 10x10 squares, but haven't started on putting them together. That will be my study break the next two months.

11. I did! Blogpost about the photoshoot(s!) coming up soon!

19. I want to make my two cats something to wear, like a bowtie for Pixel and a little something for Cera, they would look so precious.

21. Yay! Custom made 'bij gebrek aan beter'-labels, I really want to use them soon!

I'm not doing too shabby, I think. Let's just hope I can continue this for the rest of this Spring (and after that, my life ;-) ).

What did you do so far this Spring?

Talk to you soon!


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