Owl you need is love (8)

Saturday, April 12, 2014 17 Comments

It's been over a year since I posted some pictures of my updated owl stash. Time for that to change! Over the past few years I've accumulated so much owl stuff (still not sick of it) so I'm here to share tiny bits & pieces at a time.

Most of the owls are gifts from friends, family & pen pals or things that I found at my local thrift shop. If you want to know where an item came from, please ask me and I'll try to answer you :)

As I stated before, my awesome friends gave me an even awesome present for my birthday: I am now the godmother of Timon, a white-faced owl. I hope to visit him soon.

A peek at my type case.

Tiny owl lamp from Sophie, clothespins from Lien, Laura & Elise & washi tape from Sarah.

Handembroided by Saar.

Keychains (left: gift from my mom, right: gift from me to me ;-) ).

In here I keep track of my incoming and outgoing mail. Almost finished! If anyone has any small owl stickers to spare, you know where to send them ;-)

Handmade owl blanket by dear Elise & pillow from Laura (& an overly jealous Pixel).

Thrifted owl plate & socks from Fab.

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Talk to you soon!


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