Count your blessings #2

Tuesday, April 01, 2014 12 Comments

♥ making post-exams plans ♥ kitten talks ♥ hearing from a professor that i have a nice voice - yay for compliments! ♥ cats that barely fit on the couch just because they want to lie close to you ♥ waste collectors singing Goeiemorgen morgen when you bike past them ♥ compliments about your french ♥ good grades ♥ ♥ ♥ Curaçao ♥ ♥ ♥ sunshine on my face ♥ laughs with my family ♥ the smell and feel of clean sheets ♥ wine with friends ♥ Mr. Nobody ♥ barefoot walks ♥ cute thrift store finds ♥ cocktails at the beach ♥ FaceTime with the bf & cats ♥ biking in the sun ♥ terrasjes doen ♥ fresh laundry ♥ funny & sweet grandmas ♥ speculatte ♥ not being able to sleep because you're excited what the next day will bring ♥ green smoothies made the right way ♥ being the aunt of Timon, a white-faced owl, thanks to my lovely friends ♥ interviews with people that understand where you want to go ♥ my new Canon ♥ warm feet during naptime thanks to the cats ♥ tiny & big buns on top of my head ♥ talks with strangers ♥ wearing sunglasses ♥

ps Happy birthday dear dad! This one's for you! (One of his fave songs)

Enjoy your Tuesday! Talk to you soon!


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