Snail mail Sunday

Sunday, March 30, 2014 , , 6 Comments

to Kathleen
I saw on Goodreads that Kathleen wanted to read Slaap (by Annelies Verbeke) as well and I'd found it at my local thrift shop a couple of months earlier. I had already read the book, liked it, but didn't necessarily wanted to keep the book. So I sent it to Kathleen, together with a flock of birds! I also overdid just a little on the amount of stamps…

left photo by Kathleen

to Saar
My first letter to Saar's new address! I made the letter paper myself, by scanning some pretty buttons. I got the idea >via Ruchama from De Postfabriek. I found a little house hanger and upcycled it with some pretty washi tape et voilà: perfect door hanger!

from Fab
Mail from Fab always look really cute! This time she spoiled me with one of her handmade postcards (still available in her shop!), a typewritered (yes, I made up my own verb) letter and some owl goodies. Thank you Fab!

from Mary
I wish I'd taken more pictures of the gorgeous tie-dyed letter paper. How pretty! Mary included an awesome photo booklet with pictures in black & white and look: I can also make my own stickers now! Supercool! Thanks Mary!

Yesterday I left for a week off to Berlin with Uni. I have planned in a few posts so stay tuned! I hope you have a wonderful Sunday & talk to you soon!


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