Snail mail Sunday

It's been a while since my last snail mail update, so here goes!

to Fab
Lately I really like this simple letter paper, but of course it has to be pimped a little with flower & bird decals and stickers! Also I made a tea wallet, but it could also be used for other purposes :)

to Saar
For my dear Saar I also made a tea wallet, this button was one of my favorites but I thought it looked too darn cute with that fabric so now it's in Saar's safe hands.

to Mary
Mary is a really crafty person, so I thought she could use some pretty buttons. I also included some glitter beads, stickers and a customized notebook. (PS I still really adore that 'Miauw to you soon'-balloon and cat. And yes, I also feel like a crazy cat lady.)

to Bieneke
Bieneke is such a sweet lady that I had to send her some things colorful for her home. I sent a card that Karlijn sent to me and that I think really suits her home. I also made a little house hanger and embroided on a notebook.

Have a wonderful Sunday! I'm a little hungover from having a bit too much fun these passed two nights, so I'm going to take things easy and enjoy the sun. I'll talk to you soon!

6 reacties

  1. Kijk, hier word ik nou blij van..
    Helaas blijft mijn brievenbus akelig leeg :(

  2. Leuk zeg! Ik zou je graag ook briefjes schrijven maar mijn knutsel en snailmailkunsten zijn onder het vriespunt :'(

  3. ik gebruik het theeleutzakje als bankkaarternhouder

  4. En de pakjes voor zij die iets stuurden? :D

    1. Ja! Ik was het al bijna vergeten! Gaan deze week op de bus, blijft nog even een verrassing dus :)


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