Birthday mail!

Sunday, March 02, 2014 , 23 Comments

I received lots of cute, sweet and heartwarming mail from you guys for my birthday, so I thought I'd share :)

Thank you so much Hannelore (for your pretty handmade card), Eva (for your lovely DIY package and the cute colorful scraps of fabric), Kelly (for your sweet gifts from Thailand and making me giggle because you sent the card to my parent's house, hihi, luckily they were so kind to give me your envelope ;-) ), Melissa (for your overly stuffed envelope, wrapped in pretty pink paper with hearts), Elodie (for your animal envelop, and supercute handmade card), Charlotte (for the postcard with scrapbook letters, which the future journalist in me appreciates a lot), Christel (for the cute card that instantly took me back to my childhood), Cathy (for the DIY package with owl fabric and an amazing handmade owl card!), Saar (for the loveliest coffee mug anyone has ever seen), Fabrizia (for the adorable little handmade owls to add to the collection), mum and dad (for the funny owl card), Lieke (for the lovely fabric), Margot (for being a lurker but still sending me a retro birthday card!), Leen (for the pompon card!), Sarah (for calling me miss owl!), Nicky (for being a friend and letting me win €2 thanks to a Win For Life-ticket), Natalie (for the adorable owl), Swaen (for the pretty handmade card and the amazing handwriting!) Mary (for the sweet handmade paper flower pins) & Raya (for the belated but oh so pretty handmade card!) ♥

Have an awesome Sunday!


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