Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt: sent

Saturday, February 15, 2014 , , 14 Comments

I participated in Fab's Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt again this year. My victim was Michelle. Her blog, Seaweed Kisses is one I've been following ever since I started getting into snail mail. Definitely worth to check out! Click here to check out what I received from Andreia (Filateliaa).

I sent her 5 packages, a gift and of course a letter. Let us see that up close.

» the journaling kit: an owl notebook and a handmade notebook for Michelle

» the mail art kit: handmade stationary, used stamps, stickers and a collection of washi tapes.

» the happy day kit: with fake mustaches, a sesame bar, a face mask, a little umbrella to put in a smoothie (or cocktail if you will) and a lucky doll

» something quirky: I got a big paper easter egg with colorful dots all over it, but unfortunately I forgot to take a picture...
» something that represents me (and you!): I made Michelle a colorful tea wallet (with a super cute button, right?) because she said she liked tea so much and included four - hopefully unknown to her - kinds of tea.

» a letter

» a gift: I found this polkadot envelope map and colorful stationary goodies that I thought she would like.

I hope Michelle likes what I picked out! I had a lot of fun collecting all these items and wrapping them nicely, so this is definitely something I want to do for years to come! Thank you Fab for organizing yet another successful edition!

ps. If you want to send me a birthday card, click here.


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