Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt: received

I participated in Fab's Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt again this year.

Today I want to share with you what I received from the lovely Andreia from Filateliaa. You can also check her out on instagram.

I decided to try out something I've never done before: make a little film! It turned out quite blurry and suuuuper unprofessional, but I'm still learning guys. Anyway, I received the most lovely gifts and feel blessed for having such an amazing secret penpal. Thank you so much Andreia.

ps. Excuse the cat paws from time to time. They were a bit curious as well!

Take care! Talk to you soon!

8 reacties

  1. lucky you, way ik mocht ontvangen is eigenlijk het filmen niet waard

    1. Oh seg, da's wel spijtig :( Heb je 't gemeld aan Fabrizia?

  2. Amai jong, wat een gigantisch pakket!

  3. Such a fun way to display what you received! Thanks for sharing, and it really seem like Andie did a great job with your package! I loved everything in it :D

  4. What a great idea, doing a video! Hope you like everything :)

  5. Wat een cool pakketje en ik vind je filmpje wel geslaagd hoor :-). Meer van dat!

  6. Nice! Now I'm thinking of making a few videos!

  7. Zalig pakje! Hopelijk kan ik de volgende keer ook meedoen, want lijkt mij geweldig leuk om te doen. :)


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