February Photo Challenge #2

Thursday, February 13, 2014 , , 10 Comments

Weih weih, my beloved camera broke down while I was in Curaçao. A new body costs a lot of money, so for now it'll just be iPhone pics I'm afraid… Let's take a look at what my second week looked like!

image made by me

006 - 06/02 - mail
our mailbox in Curaçao

007 - 07/02 - time
we were on a boat, where i got sick and it felt as if we would never ever leave the boat again. time stood still for me. (turns out i'm not really a boat kinda gal!)

008 - 08/02 - jump
this one cracks me up. love you, sista!

009 - 09/02 - beloved
after a looooooong flight, finally home and cuddling with the cats & bf

010 - 10/02 - me-time
jetlag. cute socks + flannel pj + cats + cuddles on the couch = perfect me-time

011 - 11/02 - hidden
technically, this isn't a picture i made that day. i felt horrible because my lips were sunburnt (= twice the size they normally are!) and it hurt so much. so here's a photo of me hiding my (awful & sore-looking) lips.

How did you do on week 2?

I hope everyone is doing well. Talk to you soon!


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