February Photo Challenge #1

Thursday, February 06, 2014 , , 17 Comments

Here I am with update #1 on the February photo challenge. Since I'm on vacation right now, my photos aren't top notch quality because I don't have Adobe Photoshop here so I can't quite tune my images in RAW. That's why you'll have to deal with these ones for now. ;-)

image made by me

001 - 01/02 - lines
Saturday was a day of getting up early, catching a flight and sitting on a plane for 10 hours straight. This photo is taken after we've arrived at our rental house in CuraƧao.

002 - 02/02 - repetition
Private pool. YOLO, right?(!)

003 - 03/02 - air
Ahh, the beach.

004 - 04/02 - reflection
I can see clearly now the rain is gone.

005 - 05/02 - selfportrait
We climbed the Christoffelberg (377m) and I felt invincible after reaching the top.

How is the project coming along for you?

Hope everyone is well. Talk to you soon!

ps. I also decided to start another Project 365, I'm really curious to see if I can finish this year's project without any forgotten days!
pps. Happy birthday my love 


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