DIY: Styrofoam stud earring holder

Monday, February 10, 2014 9 Comments

Recycle, recycle, recycle. Today I want to share with you this super easy & fast DIY that takes literally 10 minutes to do and instantly makes your earring collection pop.

So join in on the fun and make your own unique stud earring holder!

Things you'll need:

» piece of styrofoam (tiny leftovers from packaging will do)
» piece of fabric big enough to cover your styrofoam
» (fabric) scissors
» pins
» stud earrings (duh)

Let's get started!

1. Put your styrofoam onto your fabric and cut out a square piece of fabric, leaving 5-10cm at the sides. Optional, but not necessary: cut off the corners of your fabric (that way you don't have to pin through that many layers)

2. Lay your fabric right side up and put your styrofoam on top. Start tucking in the sides and pin them.

3. Poke in your stud earrings. & You're done! Now you can place/hang your brand new earring holder some place nice, et voilà.

4. I like mine the way it is, but you could also attach your fabric holder to a photo frame, like Eline did here.

See, wasn't this the easiest DIY ever?

Pssst!!! Don't use regular crafting glue (instead of pins) on styrofoam, since it will melt the styrofoam. (I learned from experience) Pins will really do the job just fine.

Do you have a nice way to show your jewelry?
Talk to you later!


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