22 before 23: an overview

Last year I made a list with 22 things I wanted to accomplish before turning 23. On Feb 12th it was my birthday so it's about time to check on how I did!

1. Finish my first year of Journalism without resits
I had 0 resits, woo-hoo!

2. Stop eating fast food for at least a month
This one was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I didn't miss fastfood all that much!

3. Take a month off of Facebook (4x one week, week 1, week 2)
This one on the other hand was a lot more difficult. It's incredible how much time I can waste on Facebook (& other social media). The weeks that I did disappear I felt a lot less obliged to do this or that, and it wasn't like anything major had happened what so ever without me being online 24/7 to check out everyone's profile. I feel like I learned a lot from these two weeks absence, and that was my intention, so I consider this one checked off as well!

4. Try a new recipe every month: 13/13
I tried out 13 new recipes. My fave has to be the scampi diabolique. It's soooo yummy.
(sugarfree sand cookies, yummy couscous, nutella cookies, white chocolate mousse, rhubarb crumble with coconut, mushroom soup, roasted egg plants, shrimp pasta with cream sauce, pepper soup with cream, vegetarian lasagna, scampi diabolique, pumpkin quiche, banana ice cream)

5. Try 22 different types of cocktails: 19/22
I didn't try 22 different cocktails, but I sure enjoyed the ones I tried. I'm a sucker for cocktails.
(red cairpiroska, nana banana, mango charango, brazilian night, homemade mojito, gin tonic, flying kangaroo, mexicano mex, mojino (mojito + caipirinha), mojicetea, elixir d'anvers daisy, banana daiquiri, basil, tom collins, frozen strawberry margarita, russian knockout, bananarama, coco bango, strawberry daiquiri)

6. Read 10 books: 12/10
Yay! I'm definitely back into reading. It took me a while to figure out how to make time for reading, but now I try to squeeze in a little bit of reading every other day. It relaxes me and I take so much pleasure out of reading a good book.
(Hoe de wereld perfect functioneert zonder mij - Joost Vandecasteele, Bezonken Rood - Jeroen Brouwers, Hersenschimmen - Bernlef, Komt een vrouw bij de dokter - Kluun, De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan - Milan Kundera, Turks Fruit - Jan Wolkers, When God was a Rabbit - Sarah Winman, Hoe het licht binnenvalt - M.J. Hyland, Medereizigers - A.H. Nijhoff, The Virgin Suicides - Jeffrey Eugenides, A Home at the End of the world - Michael Cunningham, Tongkat - Peter Verhelst) 

7. Sew/knit/craft 12 things for myself: 13/12
This one wasn't too hard on me! I still feel as though I didn't create that many new items for myself… I guess that's just me.
(owl brooch, peacock feather brooch, totebag, dress, kimono box top, lace necklace, fabric scraps ring, owl brooch, batwing blouse, nespresso brooches, soda can brooch, pajama pants, styrofoam earring holder)

8. Make a stop-motion movie
9. Go on a road trip
I did neither. This year I want to make sure these ones get striped off!

10. Go camping with the bf
Yup! And I blogged about our little adventure in Calais here.

11. Move in with the bf(!)

12. Get a tattoo
Nope. I still haven't figured out the perfect design (of course it has to be some sort of owl), but 2014 is the year!

13. (Learn how to) develop my own film
14. Experiment with analogue photography
These are two goals that I feel a bit sad about. I didn't incorporate photography in my life as much as I would like to, so I'm hoping that this year will bring a lot more photography projects!

15. Fill up 3 disposable cameras (& get them developed)
I filled up 3 disposable cameras, but 2 of them are still waiting to get developed. Results from the first batch you can check out here.

16. Dye my hair a different color 
Check, I dyed my hair dark red!

17. Organize a swap party
This one would 've been fun. But after a few months, I wasn't really sure I actually wanted to do this. I have waaaaay too much clothes, so it's better for me to sell or donate them, other than just stuffing my closet with more clothes I barely wear.

18. Throw another costume party/have a theme party 
I dressed up as a mexican sugar skull, my friend dressed up as a bloody nurse and we were the only ones dressed up at a party. It was hilarious!

19. Have a picnic
20. Go roller skating at least 3 times
I didn't go on a picnic nor roller skating once last year. Such a shame and something I definitely have to fix, because I love both activities.

21. Get an awesome student job
From February til August I worked at a pancake house, which was lovely. But after my move I started a job in a place that is waaaay closer to my house, and where I earn a bit more. So this one is definitely a check!

22. Get rid of the clutter (and way too much clothes) in my room
To be completely honest, I didn't really get rid of it just yet. All the stuff is still laying in my old room, waiting to be donated or thrown away. But, uuuh, I sorted everything out, so for me: it counts!

I made 12 resolutions come true, so maybe I expected a bit too much from myself. Challenging yourself is a good idea, if you can make it work. I'll keep that in mind for my 23 before 24 list, which will appear online somewhere next week. Stay tuned!

Take care & talk to you soon!


  1. Toch veel van je lijst kunnen verwezenlijken, knap hoor.

  2. Ik vind 12 van de 22 een goede opbrengst! Toch meer dan de helft. En ik kan je alleen maar aanraden om lekker te experimenteren met analoge fotografie, supahleuk!

  3. wat een fijne lijst! en inderdaad, je hebt al een flink aantal afgestreept :) ik ga ook snel een 23-voor-24 lijst maken, zo leuk!
    xo, cheyenne

  4. Zo hé wat heb jij een toffe dingen gedaan! Ik doe ook steeds minder op Facebook, en vind het eigenlijk ook steeds minder interessant. En bij een tatoeage is het toch alleen maar goed dat je er goed over nadenkt?
    Plus, fijn dat je weer lekker aan het lezen bent!

  5. Toch leuk dat je nog zoveel hebt kunnen schrappen! Ik ben benieuwd naar je lijstje voor het komende jaar ;)

  6. Ik vind dat je erg je best hebt gedaan. En nom nom nom, die scampi diabolique zien er héérlijk uit!

  7. Boe, 'k had een comment geschreven, maar hij is weg. :( 'k Vind 12 van 22 wel erg goed zenne! Uw lijst blijft een challenge hé, 't mag ook niet te makkelijk zijn. 't Belangrijkste is dat ge amuseert! :)


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