The Blog Friendship Booklet

Friday, January 17, 2014 , , 26 Comments

Ik zag deze tag bij Zolea en vond hem te leuk om te laten liggen! Als jij 'm ook wil overnemen kan je de templates hier vinden.

Mijn 3 favoriete blogs: Bien maakt, Ma Vie en Vert & Paper Raindrops.

// I saw this tag at Zolea and couldn't resist filling it in. Kinda felt like I was a child again, filling in friendship books and all that. Too bad there was no room for a drawing here ;-)

One more exam to go (French) on Tuesday and I have holidays again! Toitoitoi fellow students. We can do this!
ps At the end of the month I'll be going on vacation with my sweetest family. Any tips for CuraƧao? Please leave 'em down below!

Talk to you soon!


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